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Employees & Professionals

Successful people work long hours and often do not properly address their personal financial affairs. They are typically "cash flow rich and asset poor".

The neglect of their financial situation means that accumulating investment assets has not been a priority.

Key Issues How We Can Help
Not taking advantage of strong cash flow. Advice on how to reduce debt and accumulate assets.
Paying too much tax. Structuring assets to minimise tax implications.
Heavy reliance on ability to continue to earn income. Personal income protection, death and disability insurance advice.
Want to take greater control of superannuation assets. Self Managed Superannuation Fund service.
Time poor. Portfolio administration service that enables quick and simple online access.

Client Case Study

The Client

  • Paul and Mary are both lawyers and have two young children.
  • Since paying off their house they have been accumulating cash in a bank account.

Their Problem

  • Unsure of the most effective use of their savings and free cashflow.
  • Wish to provide for children’s education.
  • Were concerned about protecting their assets in the event of litigation.
  • Were unsure if they held enough insurance to protect their family in the event of death or disability.

The Solution

  • After auditing their financial position we developed a wealth accumulation plan for their cashflow.
  • We advised Paul and Mary to establish a family trust to hold their private investments.
  • We recommended an appropriate level of death and disability insurance given their situation.

The Benefits

  • Ongoing tax saving of approximately $6,000 per annum by using a strategy to increase their level of superannuation contributions.
  • Certainty over funding for children’s education expenses.
  • Structure that can hold assets to ensure flexibility for future tax minimisation and also a degree of asset protection.
  • Peace of mind that their family will not suffer financially in the event of either Paul or Mary’s death and disability.