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Institutions & Family Groups

Many institutions and family groups are concerned about having a well researched investment blueprint in place. Due to changing board, management and family members it is essential that a rigorous process exists so that investment decisions can stand the test of time.

Private Capital Advisers can assist with both compliance and investment advice.

Key Issues How We Can Help
Concerned about taking unnecessary risks with capital. Assistance with developing and maintaining Investment Policy Guidelines to ensure compliance and a defendable investment process is followed.
Capital pool does not achieve its objectives. Comprehensive regular reviews of the organisation’s objectives and financial position to ensure appropriate investments are held.
Administrative burden of maintaining investments. Portfolio administration services to relieve time and paperwork burden.
Transferring assets to the next generation of custodians or family members. Advice to help assist the right assets ending up in the right hands.

Client Case Study

The Client

  • A Not For Profit organisation that holds $50 million in a capital reserve fund.
  • The majority of the reserve was held in cash or term deposits.

Their Problem

  • Given declining interest rates the Board was concerned about the investment returns being generated by this capital.
  • Had been approached by numerous organisations promoting specific investment products.
  • Members of the Board and Management lacked the time and specific expertise to make decisions on each individual investment opportunity.

The Solution

  • We provided the Management and Board with a paper outlining the risks of particular investments, and an overview of the type of assets that should be considered.
  • We assisted the Board indeveloping appropriate changes to the Internal Investment Policy to assist in identifying investments that meet the risk profile of the organisation.
  • Once this framework was agreed we assisted in the implementation and ongoing review of specific assets held in the portfolio.

The Benefits

  • Management and Board were able to establish an appropriate compliance framework and defendable investment process prior to investing capital.
  • The organisations cashflow can be invested in a more highly diversified portfolio that is tailored to the objectives of the organisation.
  • Management and Board are relieved of paperwork associated with managing the portfolio.