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Pre Retirees

Planning for retirement can be an extremely stressful time. Many people are concerned about transitioning from receiving regular employment income to living off their accumulated assets.

Private Capital Advisers is well placed to support you through this process by ensuring all significant planning opportunities are considered.

Key Issues How We Can Help
Risk that capital won’t be enough to fund retirement. Cashflow projections and lifestyle goal setting and management.
Maintenance of lifestyle through retirement. Ongoing active asset allocation and investment reviews and assistance with income support strategies.
Access to money when required. Structuring assets to retain flexibility.
Tax minimisation. Advice on strategies to minimise tax personally and within superannuation.
Estate planning. Assistance to help assist assets end up in the right hands.

Client Case Study

The Client

  • Vivian is a 64 year old widow, who intended to work for a further 3 years.
  • Vivian had approximately $500,000 in her superannuation fund.

Their Problem

  • Vivian was concerned that a lot of her friends had received advice regarding establishing a pension whilst they were working, but she was advised not to.
  • She did not receive any regular contact from her financial adviser.
  • Vivian was concerned about the performance of her portfolio.

The Solution

  • We thoroughly reviewed Vivian’s situation and as a result of this:
    • Recommended that she establish a transition to retirement pension with her accumulated superannuation assets.
    • Transferred the administration of her superannuation assets to a product that had identical features but no ongoing commission associated with it.
    • Recommended investment changes to the portfolio to ensure that it remained balanced.

The Benefits

  • The commencement of a pension is estimated to:
    • Save Vivian approximately $2,900 per year in tax.
    • This will result in Vivian having increasing her total assets by approximately $9,000 by the time of her retirement.
  • The restructure of her superannuation fund will reduce her total annual fees from $4,933 to $3,166, whilst:
    • Having superannuation held in an identical structure.
    • Providing Vivian with exposure to better investment options.