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Self-Directed Investors

Many clients of Private Capital Advisers are comfortable making their own investment decisions; however still require assistance with other aspects of their financial affairs.

As our services are customised to each individual situation we are able to assist in ways not possible at most wealth management firms.

Key Issues How We Can Help
Time taken to administer portfolios. Portfolio administration and SMSF services to ensure compliance and reduce time and paperwork.
Uncertainty regarding current tax and superannuation legislation. Ad hoc flat fee advice meetings.
Family’s reliance on key people to continue to earn an income. Advice on establishing and maintaining a personal insurance strategy.

Client Case Study

The Client

  • John and Jackie held a variety of investments within their family trust and self managed superannuation fund.
  • John wished to retain control over the investing decisions of these entities.
  • John and Jackie held no death or disability insurance.

Their Problem

  • John and Jackie struggled to keep up with the ongoing paperwork that they received from the various investments held in their portfolios.
  • In the event of illness, accident or death John and Jackie and their family would experience significant financial difficulty.

The Solution

  • We established an investment administration structure for both the family trust and superannuation fund portfolios.
  • We provided recommendations on the level of death and disability insurance that John and Jackie should obtain.

The Benefits

  • Whilst John retained control over all investment decisions he was able to view ongoing reporting regarding share trades and not have any ongoing paperwork to deal with.
  • This placed John in a better position to make good investment decisions.
  • John and Jackie received the peace of mind that in the event of either of their deaths or disability their family would not experience financial difficulty.