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Self-Funded Retirees

Even the most financially secure retires are concerned about protecting their wealth and lifestyle and ensuring their money lasts throughout retirement.

Private Capital Advisers can assist in structuring your affairs to ensure you achieve your goals throughout retirement.

Key Issues How We Can Help
Risk that capital won’t be enough to fund retirement. Cashflow projections and lifestyle goal setting and management.
Maintenance of lifestyle through retirement. Ongoing active asset allocation and investment reviews and assistance with income support strategies.
Access to money when required. Structuring assets to retain flexibility.
Tax minimisation. Advice on strategies to minimise tax personally and within superannuation.
Estate planning. Assistance to ensure assets end up in the right hands.

Client Case Study

The Client

  • Paul and Sue are retirees who held two accounts:
    • Sue held a private investment portfolio.
    • Paul had money in a superannuation fund that was paying an ongoing income stream.

Their Problem

  • Paul and Sue had not reviewed their situation for many years.
  • They were concerned about the fees they were paying to the financial planning firm who set up their accounts.
  • They had not heard from the firm for some time.
  • They were concerned about their portfolios returns.

The Solution

  • We reviewed their current portfolio and administration structures.
  • We recommended that they transfer their pension to new provider.
  • We advised that they should restructure their investment account administration structure.
  • We changed investment options to accurately reflect her attitude to risk.

The Benefits

  • Paul and Sue received significant cost saving on their account:
    • Pension account fees reduced by $1,600 per annum.
    • Investment account reduced by $600 per annum.
  • They obtained better access to a broader range of investments:
    • Direct shares, managed funds, variety of term deposits.
    • Higher return on cash investments.