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Financial Advice

Experience has shown us that many individuals neglect their financial affairs. Whilst people are often aware that their finances could be more effectively structured, they lack the time and sometimes the expertise to plan the necessary changes. This situation is not helped by the frequent changes that occur to superannuation regulations and tax law.

We are able to provide you with Strategic Financial Advice to help you use your financial resources to achieve your objectives, obtain financial security and enjoy the lifestyle you desire.

Our approach to this involves the following:

1. Identification of Your Goals:

Initially we assist you to gain an in-depth understanding of your short, medium and long-term lifestyle objectives. Often people find it hard to understand exactly what they might be able to achieve.

We can help you define your goals in an objective manner.

2. Review Your Current Financial Position

We then undertake a review of your current position, considering aspects such as:

  • Current income and any likely changes.
  • Current and future financial commitments, and defining these expenditures as either essential or discretionary.
  • Current assets and liabilities.
  • The structure of your current investment, superannuation, lending and insurance portfolios.

3. Development of Appropriate Strategies

Using our understanding of your financial position and lifestyle objectives we will develop financial planning strategies which provide you with the best opportunity to achieve your objectives. This advice will usually include recommendations across the following areas:

  • Cash Flow Management
  • Wealth Accumulation Strategies
  • Pre and Post Retirement Planning Advice
  • Personal Risk Insurance

4. Consideration of Risks

In presenting our recommended strategy to you we will also outline the risks that could threaten your future financial security and discuss ways to mitigate these.

The types of risks considered could include:

  • A mismatch (either positive or negative) between the financial resources available to you and your future lifestyle objectives.
  • The impact that less than expected portfolio returns could have on the ability to fund retirement.
  • The impact that death or disability could have on your family’s lifestyle.

Following the delivery of advice we are then able to assist with the implementation of any or all of the agreed strategies on your behalf.