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Self Managed Super Funds

For many people establishing and operating their own Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) is an appropriate way to manage their superannuation assets. The benefits of a SMSF over other structures may include:

  • Greater control over the administration and management of your superannuation benefits.
  • Families can pool their superannuation benefits to achieve cost efficiency.
  • SMSF’s provide the ability to invest in a broader range of investments, including unlisted shares, and direct property (including property used within your business).
  • SMSF’s provide the opportunity to actively manage tax on investment income and realised capital gains.
  • The ability to undertake gearing strategies which may provide tax benefits and enhance long term capital accumulation.
  • Maximum flexibly in establishing and managing pension streams, including account based and transition to retirement pensions.

Our Self Managed Superannuation Fund service allows you to take advantage of the benefits of this structure without the typical administrative hassles as our service includes:

  • Advice on the appropriateness of a SMSF based on your situation.
  • Assistance with Fund establishment and associated compliance issues.
  • Advice on gearing strategies
  • Appropriate investment recommendations.
  • Preparation of all statutory requirements and minutes.
  • Advice on benefit payment methods, including lump sum and pensions.
  • Assisting with preperation and lodgement of your annual tax and financial statements.
  • Co-ordination of an independent audit.

Private Capital Advisers is able to facilitate these requirements in conjunction with your existing Accountant.