Charities, Not-for-Profits and Institutions

Managing an organisation’s finances can often get in the way of doing the work that matters. We help Boards and Trustees build meaningful financial foundations to facilitate healthy growth and the positive change you seek.

Investment Policy and Procedures Statement

Long-term financial well-being depends on a clear vision and strategic plan backed by current research. Without it, funds can become stagnant or, worse, exposed to unnecessary risk.

We help you create a vision and advise the best possible plan by designing an investment policy which outlines your organisation’s spending, investing and risk management and makes sure the Directors and Trustees are meeting necessary requirements and are duly protected.

Portfolio Management

Prudent investing is providing the best opportunity to achieve healthy growth while also lowering risk. That involves knowing what to invest in given the breadth of options and countless trends, most of which are futile.

We help you take the uncertainty out of investing by creating a deliberate strategy backed by evidence-based research and tailored around the goals of your organisation. We can implement and manage the portfolio. That includes providing ongoing recommendations and reporting to make the most of the opportunities available to your organisation.

Spending Policy Design

A considered spending policy ensures the organisation can achieve the priorities of today and still have the financial resources—the security and freedom—to achieve the priorities of tomorrow.

Mismanagement of spending, after all, can compromise an organisation’s resilience in an ever-changing world.

We help you create a spending policy designed around your organisation. We provide the necessary financial projections and guidance you need to maintain and improve a healthy organisation.

Consulting and Professional Development

Directors and Trustees have varying levels of financial literacy. A board who collectively has a thorough understanding of the current research and trends can make prudent decisions that benefit the organisation long term.

We organise quarterly meetings with the board to:

  • illuminate the relevant insights on the market,
  • reveal new investment opportunities,
  • understand what other organisations are doing, as well as
  • educate on best practice and build the necessary capabilities within the team.